Thursday, March 16, 2017

The only Andrew Packard joke you'll ever need

My goofball idea for how that fish showed up in the percolator in Season One:
It was Andrew Packard, sneaking around behind the scenes like Leslie Linka Glatter's hunchback seamstress character. As he puts the fish in the percolator he mutters quietly and gleefully to no one "I'm aliiiiiiive".

When the two ledgers turn into one ledger and the other goes missing, it was Andrew in the middle of the night.

Mink oil on Catherine’s bed?  After that argument we see between Pete and Catherine, every time since it’s been Andrew doing it. He dips his fingers in Pete’s bottle and flicks it gleefully all over her bed every time Catherine is on a rendezvous with Ben.

Oh—and that mysterious man in the woods who Leo tells Mike and Bobby not to worry about?  That was Andrew, too.  Listen closely and you can hear it muffled by the ski mask: "I'm aliiiiiive"

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